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Thread: let the games begin :)

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    let the games begin :)

    Right you sorry arsed lot especially Joe you drunken skunk
    Iv got a plan !
    How do we all feel like a bit of a CO-OP league/battle whatever you want to call it.
    Im thinking along the lines of get yourself a partner as co-op you need 2 if you havent played it before.
    We then go into co-op in all 3 of the modes easy/medium/n kickarse hard mode.
    And go for the points, so whoever has the mostest points obviously wins at the end of each map.
    As a prize for the outright rambo pairing what about 1 of the vs-uk T shirts each for the winning pair or something along them lines, so we could all chip in enough to purchase 2 T shirts and that goes to the winners !
    what do you reckon !

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    Bring it on !
    VS-UK Ooseven

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