About [VS-UK]

A Really old description of the Clan:


We like to play games and drink beer!


VS-UK is one of the longest running UK-based online clans in existence today. The clan is primarily based on a military structure and is broadly modeled on 2nd Battalion, 5th Parachute Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division. By using a military styled structure we are able to run the clan on a day to day basis in an efficient and cohesive manner. Although at the end of the day we are a large, friendly group of people that all have a say in the way we are run with the ultimate aim of having fun.

Tactically, we use the real armies as our template. After successfully completing a four week trial period (during which you will hold the rank of Cadet), you will attain the rank of Private and assigned to a Company in which you will serve under the command of the Company CO. VS-UK is only interested in recruiting people that have a friendly, helpful attitude as well as being a team player and we can’t stress how important it is that you are able to fit in with this methodology.

To help us organise ourselves in battle we rely totally on the use of voice communications – to do this we use a program called TeamSpeak (TS). It’s a simple, free and easily installed application that can be downloaded from our downloads section on the website, along with an install guide to help you. The use of TS is mandatory and if your application is successful then you must use it at all times.

Although VS-UK predominately supports the COD range of games at the moment the majority of our members also enjoy a wide range of other online games and we support and assist with as many of these games as is possible in any way we can. All in all, we think the point of joining our clan is to enjoy playing online games with a set of like minded team players and, although the notion of our military command structure may sound a little daunting at first, we feel it goes a long way to enhancing our gaming experience and at the end of the day is all taken as part of the fun. Outside of games, the VS-UK atmosphere is remarkably friendly. If you’ve registered on our forum you’ll already know we host an active forum community, and our public TeamSpeak is no different.

We are a non-profit organization that survives solely through subscriptions from its members. There are currently three top of the line gaming servers in use, in addition to forums, mail and TeamSpeak servers that all require funds to be run. As a new member you are placed into the regular’s membership group, this group contains some limitations which are mentioned in the membership page. However members are able to upgrade their membership by donating to the clan, the then enables them to become part of the full membership group. All of the funds we receive go towards providing and improving our clan and for the same price of about 2 pints of beer a month, you can to can be part of this amazing, friendly and enjoyable group of people.