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21-05-2012, 07:45 AM
What up people,

It is I, the guy any of you hardly see any more. I play Thanat'os, he is my new (3rd) main and I've told myself I'm sticking with this one until 50.

So, who am I? I was the guy squealing about this game for months before it came out and I was the Guildmaster for our 1st attempt at a Guild on 2 different servers. So, in other words I did a piss poor job of running everything and after I made the yet again rubbish decision to move to Nadd our new leader Doz3r told me to sit in the special corner and let someone with an actual clue to run it.

I haven't been on lately as I have a new girlfriend (finally) but I shall endeavour to be on more in the future as I'm bound to screw it up and be single again soon.

Past MMO experience is pretty much Eve Online only. I've played since 2005 and still have an active account and I've been to the last 2 FanFest events in Iceland. I've tried WoW, and hated it. I tried Rift and got bored. I've tried DCU and realised it was woeful. I tried City of Heroes on release day, didn't have a clue about MMO's at that time, was utterly crap and quit within 5 days. It was my first MMO.

So, I'm the guy you barely see and the only one in the Guild to be Dark Council with a level 20 character that isn't an alt.