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15-05-2012, 09:43 AM
Hi ya'll

O.K. quick intro.

Main Char is Doh'za sith sorcerer lvl 50 your Guildmaster ;)

I have been with VS-UK since 2003/2004, playing FPS like Medal of honour and Call of Duty.

My MMO experiances started with EvE online as a beta tester, and am still playing on and off. Also started Lord of the rings online when that came out and been playing that on and of ever since aswell.

Then the announcment of SWtor and i wet myself.. been waitiing a long time for this game.

So married to lisa(she also plays) and I have my GF kinderino :) 2 boys Adam who loves the game aswell and Aaron who plays it occasionally but for the most part has his head in the Xbox

Well that a quick who am I.