Important Announcement

[VS-UK] Has been around since 2001 in many forms, however the time the clan has left is limited.

Unfortunately, with the change to the way we play games, we don’t have the membership, or the donations left to continue forever.

Presently we have £826.98 in the bank account from donations the membership has kindly given us. The cost of the server is £ 655.20 per year and usually increases, therefore with the existing donations & current funds we are likely to survive for at least 1 further year.

In one years time we will re-assess the situation but it is likely that the services will close, and server shutdown. Any remaining donations will be donated to charity as agreed upon the clan management.

I would like to thank the following people who were instrumental in recovering the clan a more than few years ago now and these are:

Special mention Just for being legends for:
All Membership.

I’ll bring you another update in one year – Thanks for reading.